The pricing process

It would have been more practical for all of us if we were able to show you prices, or even better, that you could click your way to a price right here on the website. Some companies do that. They have everything laid out for you, you see the design and you see the price. It’s a simple way of producing. It is probably customer friendly, too. And you would have a home looking like every other home.

That is not how we work. We don’t believe in mass production of furniture and kitchens. We design and produce each of our objects for a sustainable and long lasting future. We believe that people are different with unique tastes and needs and the things we surround us with should reflect that. Tall ceilings, odd corners and weird angles in an old apartment are also part of the reasons why it’s charming, even if that makes it hard to furnish. If you use off-the-shelf products you may very well ruin the charm. A bespoke kitchen that follows the rules of the room is in our opinion both more practical and beautiful than forcing mass produced cabinets to fit. And most important, a place that reflects you as well as makes your home unique.

Just like rooms, kitchens and people differ, the prices of our solutions will differ. We can’t give you a price until we know what you need. But we promise that the price we’ll eventually give will reflect the quality and the labour of our work. Our customers are satisfied and we trust that you will be as well.