The process

A specialist, such as an architect, is trained to see solutions that the layman can not see; possibilities and difficulties invisible to most other people. It is in the process of looking that amazing things can happen. And that’s what Kitchen and Room does. We are trained to solve problems that are there but that you are so used to that you don’t see them anymore. A professional eye will look at your home differently and see new opportunities. You may feel an urge to resist at first, but our experience shows that something surprising is likely to happen if you open your mind. It is our role to guide our customers through this process. Often, it may take some time, like a wheel, slowly at first. But when it starts rolling and the idea forms into shape by our models and drawings, it is welcome, like a happy event taking place. Something has changed in all of us. That is the process; an exciting journey from the first meeting to the accomplished end product.