Each element is unique. Fine furniture making demands that everything is precise. A faulty measurement will ruin the project and you will have to start over. It has to be one hundred procent right.


Sometimes the same objects are made again and again and you still have to pay attention to every detail.  Each piece of wood is unique with its own particular properties. If you stop focusing you may have to scrap it.


Carpentry is almost always a handicraft. Each piece is meticulously treated before being sent off to further processing.

The holes must be on spot

Protecting the wood when using a C-clamp

Selecting the right hardwood is important

A jointer or a planer

The saw blades deteriorate fast

Stair spindle in progress

Sometimes one needs to sand by hand

Thin shavings with a chisel

A wooden mallet will not deform the striking end of a metal tool, in this case the chisel.