An open space for daily encounters

Light and availability. The kitchen used to block the flow of the apartment. We rearranged a few walls and made the dining area part of the kitchen, thereby freeing up a room for simple leisure. The kitchen now got light coming in from two directions. The simplicity is emphasised by using pale materials and white tiles including a matching white range hood from Fjäråskupan. Specially commissioned French inspired shelf as a piece of art above the counter. All hand made by our carpenters.

Flatware tray in solid oak. Adjustable knife holder. Hand made by our joinery.

Some times that unique feeling of ownership comes from designing your own shelf. Mixing styles. Breaking the minimalistic look. Note the lack of upper cabinets which contributes to the spacious look.

The kitchen has become the natural place to meet and socialise for all members of the family.

Bespoke shelf in solid oak with lathed vertical details.

Unique solution to ease sorting the recycling. Stainless steel and oak. Easy to clean, pretty to look at.

“Thanks to Kitchen & Room did we finally get our perfect kitchen. Two poor rooms was transformed into a spacious and lovely kitchen that we use all the time.”

– Fam. AME

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