Storytelling by design

We are architects with the tools to quickly outline a project, whether it is a kitchen, an apartment, a house or a piece of furniture. But we want to take it further; to reflect you and your personality. After all, it is your home. So who are you?

Versatile. Particular. Design freak.

Or perhaps all the above? No one is alike. We all have our own style. Everybody needs to feel at home somewhere. It is not always an easy search. We may help solving the puzzle. We’ll help you creating your rooms.

Behind the scenes

Kitchen & Room is created by architect Erik Kolman Janouch and Maria Cappelen. We design and produce bespoke furniture, kitchens, doors, windows, stairways and more. We strive to create sustainable products and to take care of our environment in all steps of our production. Our typical customer is one who wants something more than off-the-shelf products.