The price we don’t give

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If it were entirely up to us we would have preferred to be able to provide prices on all our work. It would be simpler for us and easier for you, our customers, to browse through the website, find something you like and immediately know the price. Just as simple as if all customers lived in the same houses, had the exact same preferences and needed the same stuff.  If we were all the same the furnitures and kitchens would be all the same everywhere.

Fortunately, this is not reality.

We are all different with different preferences and subjective tastes. Our homes are not alike. What Kitchen & Room is good at is to design exactly what you want — not what’s easiest or most convenient for us.  Even in a brand new house we draw a kitchen especially to fit that house and its owners. We draw the furniture, the wardrobes, the hallway mirror, the doors. People are different. Families with kids have other needs that those without.

In the same way that rooms, kitchens, people are different, prices are different. Therefore, we can’t give you a price at once. We need to know what you really need.

What we may promise though is a sensible price that reflects the quality and quantity of the work and the material. Our customers are satisfied. We hope you’ll be, too.

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